Reep Rewards

Loyalty System

This visually stunning solution has been enormously successful, regularly featuring at the top of the Irish App download charts

Reep Rewards 2.0 is Ireland’s most successful customer loyalty App system. It allows users to view the best offers through brands and also in supermarkets. Users snap grocery receipts to earn cash. Registration is through social media accounts or email. The purpose of the end to end system is to gather data on shopping trends and demographics.

Reep approached us to build their new App from an existing product. We designed a user validated, visually beautiful User Interface. We carried out in-depth research, analysis and validation with users during the UX design phase. The application is highly polished and integrates with a RESTful/JSON backend service to provide user data.

The core of the app is an intelligent learning and recommendations system which figures out what types of offers users are most likely to want to see and utilises the small screen space to only present relevant offers to users - similar to the approach used by Amazon. Offers can also be browsed using customised map data.

The system integrates tightly with the device camera to allow users to snap their receipts and earn loyalty points. The images are highly optimised and run through an On Device OCR algorithm.

The system also integrates background geolocation tracking to alert users when they are near a deal.

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