Resmed S+

The world's first non-contact sleep tracking system

Resmed are an NASDAQ listed medical devices provider. Purpledecks have been a partner to Resmed for a number of years. S+ is a contactless bedside sleep monitoring and advice system.

Phase 1 - Sleep Coach

Resmed initially approached us to help them build a proof of concept application to test their patented technology. Purpledecks built and designed an iOS App which integrated fully with the sleep monitoring accessory. Data was interpreted using proprietary C++ algorithms before being sent in bulk to the cloud based solution which we built for analysis. Trials began and it was the first time Resmed were able to conduct sleep trials outside the lab and in the users natural environment - the home.

Phase 2

Phase 1 was so successful that it convinced management to proceed with development of Resmed’s first ever consumer facing product (Resmed are a B2B company). During this project Purpledecks designed and built a cloud based solution with an Artificial Intelligence advice engine. We developed key components of the App on Android and iOS - Bluetooth Interfaces, Core Library integration, Technology and API Advice. We assisted Resmed to build, train and scale their own in-house team.

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