The stylus reinvented

When the Dublin Design Studio team approached us about working with them to realise their new Scriba stylus we just knew we had to get involved. This was a task for our innovation lab. Scriba is a revolutionary new take on the stylus. Placing pressure on the tip of the stylus is not a very natural or intuitive action. Scriba works by applying pressure to the stem of the stylus. The software can be configured to react to various pressures and combinations of pressures to the stem. This makes Scriba extremely versatile for a range of functions from drawing and word processing Apps to Operating System integration, as with the Apple Pencil.

Our Innovation Lab team started to work with Dublin Design studio to create a prototype. The aim of the prototype was to allow Scriba to raise enough funding on Kickstarter to go into production. Working with the team our lab trialled several bluetooth protocols and electronic chips. After multiple iterations of the hardware and protocols we moved on to creating a configurable SDK that could be integrated into any App. We also created a sample drawing App and a sample word processing App. The SDK will be provided to Scriba’s software partners and the development community to create great software around the Scriba experience.

Scriba raised its funding target in August 2015. The project has won multiple awards. We are now anxiously awaiting the first production run. Our Innovation Lab was central to our approach in delivering this new mobile experience.

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